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Recipe Notes

The Lemonade - The lemonade base is comprised of FA Black Currant, CAP Lemon Sicily, and LA Lemonade.

FA Black Currant - Black Currant is really an under utilized ingredient. Considering the quality of this flavoring, one would expect to see it in literally every recipe that calls for a "tangy" fruit note. Sitting in the recipe at a modest 1% it lends to the tang of the lemonade while also asserting itself into the blueberry, offering the same amount of "realistic" tang you would get from an actual blueberry. I chose to add it at 1% because at lower percentages it wasnt pronounced enough or having the required effect and at higher percentages the black currant starts to muscle the other flavors around a bit turning it into a black currant lemonade (probably not a terrible thing to be honest but thats for a different recipe.)

CAP Lemon Sicily - In most instances (as we will see later) one would use FA Lemon Sicily to add to the natural flavor and tartness of the lemonade. Seeing as I wanted to make a sweeter "sugar'd down" lemonade I opted for its CAP counterpart. Sitting in at 1% its just the right level, subtly adding to the overall sweetness and lemon taste of the lemonade.

LA Lemonade - Oh bud, let me tell you something. If you have ever tried to make a lemonade recipe and have yet to try LA Lemonade you are in for a treat. From my experience with the flavor (and LA in general) even though it tends to be a "weaker" flavor it has a very authentic and pleasurable taste when used at a "higher" percentage (I air quote "higher" because only with the advent of extremely potent flavorings needing to be scaled down to sub 1% levels has 5%been considered a high percentage.) From research and personal preference, I have found that LA Lemonade at 5% is a pretty static percentage for a lemonade base in recipes.

The Blueberry

FW Blueberry - This is probably one of my more favorite berry flavorings. While it is indeed a bit on the less "authentic" side as far as blueberry flavorings go, It is a really fucking good tasting blueberry flavoring. In this recipe I wanted an overall "sweetness" to the whole feel of the vape so I ask what is possibly a better blueberry here than FW Blueberry with its sweetened artificial candy berry goodness? Standing at a strong 3% in this recipe this blueberry is nice, strong, and sweet. Also the FA Black Currant helps to lend a little tang to give the blueberry a slightly "real" taste.

TFA Sweetener - In most recipes I would definitely say "sweetener is optional" but in trying to hit this profile I have found it to be necessary. The sweetener adds to the overall sugary taste you would expect from a sweetened lemonade drink.

This is the way that I prefer this recipe and (obviously) have tailored it to my liking. But, as I explained earlier this recipe is indeed a bit modular. If you keep a few of the core flavorings together (sometimes augmenting even the base) you can still come out with a recipe that needs minimal tweaking and is very enjoyable. So I decided to also post a modulation or "remix" of my own recipe to also give an option for the mixer that wanted a less sugary/more natural option for this particular mix.

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