Welcome to DIY Vape Recipes

Look for e-liquid recipes to mix, or create your own from scratch, by using our intuitive calculator.


In this website you can find and mix e-liquid recipes, for vaping. Besides the ready to make recipes you can also use the intuitive calculator to create your own from scratch.

The purpose of this website, is to gather interesting e-liquid recipes and present them in a comprehensive and very useful way.

The recipes can be used as they are presented. If you like, you can adapt them to your personal taste, by adjusting their ingridients as you wish.

Furthermore, there are a lot of useful informations about each recipe and statistics about the usage of each ingredient.


  • Simple and easy to use interface, for best user experience
  • Accessible from any device (pc, phones, tablets)
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Graphical representation of the composition of the final mix
  • Support for all common mixing methods (by volume, by weight, by drops)
  • Unlimited number of ingredients
  • Autocomplete of ingredients (todo)
  • Quick and easy way of adjusting the total percent of ingredients (todo)
  • Calculation of indicative cost of the final mix (todo)
  • Import and export recipes from and to popular file formats (todo)
  • Creation of labels for printing, with relevant recipe details (todo)
  • Information and guides about the mixing procedures (todo)