Minimum Used: 0.50%
Minimum Typical: 0.50%
Average Used: 0.50%
Maximum Typical: 0.50%
Maximum Used: 0.50%

Honeydew Melon by Capella (CAP), is a rare e-liquid flavor, that is used in 1 recipes. The average usage in a recipe is at 0.50% with a typical range between 0.50% and 0.50%.

Furthermore, the median percent of usage in a recipe for this flavor is 0.50%, while the minimum used percent is at 0.50% and the maximum at 0.50%.

By summarizing the statistical data about Honeydew Melon (CAP), it appears that for being used in a recipe, a recommended starting point, could be somewhere between 0.50% and 0.50%.


  • The percentages that are mentioned above, have resulted from the statistical analysis of all the recipes that are presented on the website and they can only be used as a piece of advice.
  • The usage of a flavor concentrate at a very high or very low percentage, shouldn't necessarily be wrong. It could be intentional by the recipe's creator, so as to serve a specific purpose.

Used in (1) Recipes:

Flavors' Vendors

93 / 390
92 / 393
60 / 311
52 / 126
45 / 214
39 / 165
4 / 36
2 / 5
2 / 21
1 / 6

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