In a Godda Da Vida

by mlNikon - 2017-01-15
Bases Percent Volume Mass Drops
NCNicotine ({{ nicLevel }}mg/ml, {{ nicVG }}/{{ nicPG }}) {{ percentNic }} % {{ calcVolume( percentNic ) }} ml {{ calcMass( percentNic, 'nic' ) }} g {{ calcDrops( percentNic ) }} d
Pease use a nicotine base with a higher percent of VG or lower the VG of the target.
VGVegetable Glycerin {{ percentVG }} % {{ calcVolume( percentVG ) }} ml {{ calcMass( percentVG, ) }} g {{ calcDrops( percentVG ) }} d
PGPropylene Glycol {{ percentPG }} % {{ calcVolume( percentPG ) }} ml {{ calcMass( percentPG, ) }} g {{ calcDrops( percentPG ) }} d
Flavors Percent Volume Mass Drops
{{ formatPercent( flavor.percent ) }} % {{ calcVolume( flavor.percent ) }} ml {{ calcMass( flavor.percent, unitsMass.flavor ) }} g {{ calcDrops( flavor.percent ) }} d
Totals {{ percentTotal }} % {{ volumeTotal }} ml {{ massTotal }} g {{ dropsTotal }} d
3 @ {{ percentFlavors }}%
70VG / 30PG

Recipe Notes:

This is my first entry in my first competition, therefore I found it fitting to name it after the first heavy metal song in history... It was supposed to be called "In the Garden of Eden" however the lead singer of Iron Butterfly was so messed up, he slurred the words together, thus In A Godda Da Vidda was born. To me this truly tastes like a blend chosen from the fresh, fantastical, and abundant Garden of Eden. Heavenly indeed!

This is a velvety, delicate yet flavorful and exotic fruit blend that could easily be an ADV. This mix is very smooth right out of the gate with no harshness, which is sometimes difficult to do with fruits. Despite the complimentary fusion of these ingredients you can still pick out quite easily all of the flavors and how they add to and refine the entire recipe.

TFA Papaya - I wanted this entry to be a bit tropical in nature and I really love what the papaya does. It has a deep sweetness that really shines in this mix with a touch of muskiness. I wanted something that was sweet but also balanced with a gentle tart flavor and papaya fills this gap beautifully.

FA Pomegranate - I just love how this flavor adds an extra bit of juicy tartness to this recipe. It"s succulent and bright and compliments the fleshy papaya. I chose FA's offering over TFA because it seemed more authentic to me and has a touch of a bitter note that I really wanted to bring out in this mix. I wanted this blend to be multi dimensional and to showcase the complexity of these melded flavors.

CAP Sweet Tangerine - This sweetens up the mix and adds some delightful citrus. This flavor normally has quite a throat hit, but at this percentage and in this particular mix it is surprisingly polished. I have added just enough tangerine too to add a mellow but sweet tang to the papaya and pomegranate. The result in my opinion is a sophisticated yet fresh fruit combination.

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{{ calcVolume(percentNic) }} ml
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