Smokin' Banana

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Recipe Notes

Another flavor I just got my hands on is TPA banana cream and I could just use so many swears to express my love for it. Creamy creamy smoothness with some amazing banana top notes, not at all the banana runt flavor.

My first run through with banana cream I used it at 4% and some CAP whipped cream to fluff it up a bit and I knew I was hooked.

This is more of a main profile base for me, meaning that I really love this flavor and texture and complex ways these flavors dance together, but I think with some experimenting I could add a supporting note or two that could really send this into a whole new dimension, and I actually think I can use this flavor base to go in two completely different directions.

One main note I get from this, and on the first night of mixing it Kelsey's first note noticed, is an awesome banana bread/banana twinky flavor and I can't stress how awesome it is. I'm thinking that if I play with some yellow cake or some other bakeries to continue bringing out that sweet moist bready goodness, or maybe even back to whipped cream to fluff this up some it would have a total realistic, slightly less sugary banana twinky vibe, but with some super sweet I'm sure it would be pretty close.

The other direction I'm thinking of is a slightly more complex one, adding in more subtle notes like almond or pistachio and playing with the sultry sweet nutty creaminess throughout.

I'm honestly gonna experiment with both, so I'll either update here or add new recipes.

Overall what I'm enjoying the most is the pleasantly banana cream top note, as soon as you inhale, sweet ripe banana flavor, which stays constant throughout, then the vanilla creaminess leads into the butterscotchy, velour like body, mixing with the spicy, aromatic tobacco notes which are most present on the exhale, so it has this nice flow from banana to cream to butterscotch-tobacco and it's my current ADV (plus I mixed up 120 ml to have a go to base for batch testing)

A great shake and vape but only gets better and better and the transition from flavor to flavor more interesting and smoother the longer it steeps.

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